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Starting his career in 05',but rapping since he was a little boy, Kaine Sosa has always been a vibrant spirit! Born in Dayton, OH, June 6th, 1987, Jaimeson Ogletree, grew up in a music filled enviornment as his mother, was in a band of her own, & his father wrote rhymes, & poetry, thus the beggining stages of Kaine Sosa were born. In 1996, Jaimeson moved with his mother from his hometown, Dayton, OH to the entertainment mecca of our time, Las Vegas, NV which would prove to be a move that would alter the course of Jaimeson's life forever. Years went by, though his passion never died. Through the years, Jaimeson continued crafting his style to become what he believes to be a well rounded artist such as constructing a song, a hook, being able to write for himself & others(ANY genre), the ability to freestyle, knowing business, & marketability. After High School, Jaimeson continued to pursue his music career, however, without a name that represented his intentions when successful, or what he does. Then one day, it came to him, "Kaine" with a little spelling difference, would represent what he does when challenged in any artistry form, kill brothers. Such as the story of Cane & Abel, where Cane kills his brother Abel. "Sosa", comes from Sammy Sosa, because Kaine always said he would have more "Hits" than Sammy Sosa, hence the name, Kaine Sosa. Kaine continued making great music, includig in his debut album, "The Arrival" now being sold on @
With much more music in the making! So stay tuned!

Working harder than ever, the stage is set, as Kaine Sosa is gearing up to release 3 projects in 2014! April will be the 1st project, "Sosa Season", which will hold much significance being Kaine Sosa's 1st ever, Mixtape! Hes only done "original" music from the beginning! May will be the 2nd project, "The Arrival: Re-Vamped" which will be remastered with additional music! Last but not least, June will be the final month of "The Tri Project" with the release of Kaine Sosa's NEW album, "The 40th Moment", which will include all new music & features! So stay tuned, subscribe, & get your copy of, "The Arrival" TODAY!

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